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Extra Brut Rosé

We only make this Champagne when the quality of the black grape harvests is extraordinarily good, blending wines for the Extra Quality Brut Champagne and red Champagne wine aged in oak barrels (from the Champagne hillsides). Each harvest provides us with different structures and colour intensities. Adding red wine allows us to ensure the colour remains stable and precise. It allows us to create an expressive blend delicately combining the expression of red berry aromas and a rich, long finish, while maintaining its intensity. Our red wines are produced in our oak casks, revealing a very light, elegant hint of woodiness. We use very small dosages to allow all of the wine’s fruits and aromas to filter through.


Beautiful bubbles. Very fresh pink colour. Fruity, fresh bouquet. Clear finish and unnoticeable dosage.


Available in bottles and in transparent half-bottles in the future.