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Guide Véron, novembre 2014

Champagne Ployez-Jacquemart – Cuvée Liesse d’Harbonville 1999

Approximately 67 euros a bottle.

Original and luxurious presentation.

Visual Aspect

White gold. Fine bubbles. Sophisticated bead of bubbles.


Blooming and sensual.

Heady maturity, result of 10 years of ageing head down, with aromas of Viennese pastries, honey and roasted coffee, sublimated by the right woodiness, made of subtle notes of spices (vanilla, pepper and cinnamon), obtained by the vinification and élevage of the base wines in 5-year-old oak barrels.

The Chardonnay (66%), selected in the Côte des Blancs (Cuis and Oger) finally reveals itself with delicate scents of apple and pear compote, crystallized citrus and white flowers.

The patience is rewarded by the appearance of fragrances of red berries, signatures of the Pinot Noir (17%) stemming from Ludes and Mailly-Champagne and from the Pinot Noir (17%) chosen on an old vineyard of Ludes.


Distinguished first taste, due to the sensible blocking of the malolactic fermentation of the base wines and the careful selection of the first juices during the soft pressing of the grapes.

The palate then becomes fleshy, backed by a dense minerality.

Finally we find the spices evoked in nose.

Fabulous length.

With this cuvee Liesse d’Harbonville 1999, Laurence Ployez, president and cellar master of the Champagne Ployez-Jacquemart, managed to implement a soft enology, without sticking and filtration, to offer us an unforgettable interpretation of 1999.

To enjoy during agastronomic meal, to accompany a piece of hot foie gras, for example.

Settled at Ludes since 1930, in the Montagne de Reims, the Champagne Ployez-Jacquemart relies on its 3-hectare vineyard situated on the terroirs of Ludes, Mailly-Champagne, Villedommange and Vertus, complemented by approximately 10 hectares cultivated by wine growers faithful to the brand since more than 50 years, to craft present prestigious Champagnes present on the best tables of France and 14 countries.