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Guide Wine - Patrick DUSSERT GERBER, 2014

The House operates its own vineyard on the land of Ludes and Mailly, Premier and Grand Crus , mainly consisting of black and Pinot Meunier. The partnership with various growers based on relationships mostly established in the Great Crus of Chardonnay .

Beautiful Champagne Extra Brut Vintage 2002, a Blanc de blancs , Blend of Premiers and Grands Crus of Chardonnay , full and fragrant with many typical citrus, foam light, mouth dominated by fruit and small ripe fruit dry .

The Extra brut Vintage 2005 matured in cellars at least 6 years. with a minimum of 4 years of art. all vintages recently disgorged to keep them fresher, fuller, subtle and very frank , very floral . The Extra brut rose, elaboratd with a similar blend as Extra Quality brut , is a wine of abundant foam, while aromas (blackberry, strawberry ), with the key delicately spiced. Do not hesitate.